SPOR announces a festival with focus on the human voice and dramatic elements - along with the life of the city.
The fifth SPOR festival offers thee days of music and sound which reaches out into the city’s space and to its inhabitants.

The curator for SPOR 2009 is the composer and professor at the Royal Danish Conservatory Bent Sørensen (b. 1958). With Bent Sørensen as curator SPOR has had the opportunity of working together with one of Danish music life’s most notable personalities. His position as his generation’s most relevant composer is undisputed and demonstrates itself with, amongst other things, a growing band of listeners.There is good reason that his compositions are music to the ears: his musical universe has wide appeal (in the best possible sense) with its dreamy, mysterious sphere. As a listener one is taken out along fantasy’s peculiar and twisted paths and constantly discovers new tracks and clearings.

SPOR’s choice of Bent Sørensen's curatorial proposal was, inter alia, motivated by his thoughts on bringing music and sound out of the concert hall and to ‘the man on the street’.
The same idea is also to be found in his own compositional work in which many of his compositions are (as an element) concerned with placing the music closer to both the public and the musicians.

In his blog he writes: Why does music develop the way it does? What is happening though with my music at the moment, since I absolutely must move the work away from its normal platform? At the same time the music gets closer to the public, it also gets - in another way - closer to the musician. In nearly all my works from recent years the musicians are asked to hum while playing. The music moves from the instrument into the musician’s body...
Perhaps it all has to do with dissolution - or in any case a loosening up of modesty. My music doesn’t need to be so distant any more. One may gladly hear it, and should it be placed on the chair next to you, you can’t really prevent it from being heard.

Amongst Bent Sørensen's major works are Sterbende Gärten from 1993 (awarded the Nordic Council’s Music Prize 1996) , the opera Under Himlen from 2004, Ständchen from 2006, Exit Music from 2007 and Phantasmagoria from 2007. At present the composer is working on the following compositions: "Sounds Like You" for actors and orchestra to a text by Peter Asmussen, a piano concerto for Leif Ove Andsnes and a work for Ensemble Intercontemporain. Follow Bent Sørensen's blog in which he writes about the process of creation, from idea to premiere, of the work "Sounds Like You".
Go on a voyage of discovery in Under Himlen here

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