Festival Pass: 200 DKr.
Ticket for a single concert: 50 DKr.

The Festival Pass and the tickets are sold at the entrance. The Festival Pass provides free entrance to all concerts, except the two concerts in The Old City - the price  for entering The Old City is 50 DKr if you show your Festival Pass (otherwise the price is 100 DKr.).
Please contact presse@spor-festival.dk if you only want to go to the opening concert with Aarhus Symphonic Orchestra.

The Festival Pass and the tickets are sold at the entrance.

PARTNERS: see list with sponsors and collaborators

The 2009 festival will take place at different venues and places in Aarhus:

- CAVI: ┼bogade 34 D, Aarhus N (bus 7)
- Passagen. Aarhus C
- Symphonic Hall/Musikhuset Aarhus: Thomas Jensens Alle, Aarhus C
- Lynfabrikken: Vestergade 49 B, Aarhus C
- Helsing°r Theatre/The Old City: Viborgvej 2, Aarhus C
- The Old City: Viborgvej 2, Aarhus C
- Klosterhaven/Vor Frue Kirke: Vestergade 21, Aarhus C
- Lille Sal/Musikhuset Aarhus: Thomas Jensens AllÚ, Aarhus C

SPOR festival
/Anna Berit Asp Christensen & Anne Marqvardsen
Strandlodsvej 9A, 1. floor
DK - 2300 Khb. S
Phone: +45 2061 4044/+45 2896 8263
Email: info@sporfestival.dk

About Aarhus: Tourist information: www.visitaarhus.com. On this website you will find information about the city, maps, restaurants and accommodation.